Recommended Guitar Channels On YouTube


These Are The Recommended Guitar Channels On YouTube:

  • Leo Moracchioli

I put this guy on the top because of his unique playing style and also judging by the way he presents every video on his channel. It takes a lot of skill to make a video like those we can watch on his channel. Most of Leo’s videos are cover versions of pop songs he turned into metal. He is not technically overwhelmed the others mentioned here but his sound production hit the top standard (to my taste). He also has a broad range of musical topics. One last thing that makes him stands taller among others is his ability to plays many other instruments (and also vocals). Just check these videos below:

  • Jared Danes

Another musician who has great skill on more than one musical instruments. He always wrapped his video with comedy without leaving the music ambient too much. He tends to tease common TouTube musicians behavior with his video. As shown in these two videos. Well, we have to admit that those type of people he described in his videos do exist.

  • KMAC

This one is… different. He plays djent mostly and doesn’t seem to care about shredding at all. He’s also good in making his video materials and also entertaining.

Here is the list of other guitarists you should check:



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