Steve Vai Academy: The School I Wished To Attend in The 90s


Vai Academy

Vai academy is a school-classes coached by Steve Vai, a leading name among other great guitar players such as Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Steve Morse who also drop-in occasionally as guest coaches and performers.

His never-ending technology appliance distinct Steve Vai from other guitarists. And this will be covered in Vai Academy classes. Who would be please to hear you shredding if you sounded bad, right?


Vai is not the only one who teaches there, there will be Larry Michell and St.Vincent who is also known for her distinctive persona, kinda reminds me a bit of Bjork.

About Steve Vai

Steve Vai in One Paragraph

Steve Vai is by far one of the most phenomenal musicians alive. Musician, not only a guitarist, since he also composes, produces and performs his own song. Playing  perfect mixtures of mostly Lydian and Phrygian sounding song. He can replicate “technical fails” into his own playing style. And THAT is genius! He is one of the world’s coolest guitarist.

Also check this one from Universal Music.

Who Crafted Him

He’s known as one of Joe Satriani’s private student. And this alone made a great moment since the first thing he asked Satch was “helping Vai put on the guitar strings”. Now, that’s what I’m talking about the small event makes a great future. Now, Steve Vai performs regularly with Satch in G3 tours.

Steve Vai stands tall among Satch’s students, such as Kirk Hammet (Metallica) and Alex Skolnick (Testament). See how something very hard can be molded based on something very dynamics?

But, Joe Satriani was not the only one taught Vai how to play. The one who really pushed him to break his limit was Frank Zappa, a musician with distinctive musical taste. He told Steve Vai to memorize tons of riffs he later forgot, and then keep stacking that riffs one over another. That was a hard task, but Vai endures and blends it with what he already had.

Known Bands

Aside of his solo career, Vai also performed with world-known band and artist such as White Snake and David Lee Roth (solo career after Van Halen), also to name just a few.


He is starring the movie entitled Crossroads, about a young blues guitar player played by Ralph Macchio. Which I found has some similarity between the song he played in the duel with Bad Horsie on his EP, “Alien Love Secrets”.

Remember Bill and Ted Bogus Journey (starring young Keanu Reeves)? The backing track is another Vai’s song, “The Reaper”. Vai caught the attention of the millenial generation with Guitar Hero 3 video games with, “For The Love of God”.

Guitars and Pick-Ups

His fame caught the attention of Ibanez, the same guitar manufacturing company that also endorse Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert to name just a few. He and Ibanez started making Ibanez Jem, that is known for its arm-hole and artistic finishing. Not only for the body but also through the neck which replaced traditional dot inlays to floral patterns.

Dimarzio Pickups comes with Jem produces fat bridge and deep neck sound. This signature sound later becomes a trend among guitarist all over the world.

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