Yon Koeswoyo May You Rest In Peace


Yon Koeswoyo is the founder of the legendary band in Indonesia, Koes Plus which is a continuation of the Koes Bersaudara which is a transition from Koes Brothers.

The musician born in Tuban, East Java, November 27, 1940, died yesterday, 5 January 2018. He left four children. Yon and Yok started their musical career after being inspired by Kalin Twin, an American duo. And very influenced by Everly Brother which has the format of two singer brothers in his career. Yon Koeswoyo was jailed along with his brothers during the era of the “orde lama” (era Soekarno) because their works considered westernized. But it is said that the imprisonment aims to struggle through music. I still do not catch what it means.

Yon Koeswoyo Last On-Air Appearance

I myself was not too familiar with his works, but can directly guess the song Koes Plus when aired both on the radio and when aired on TV.

Now Yon Koeswoyo has followed his brother to heaven, yes it seems heaven will be more colorful with the musicians as good as Yon there.

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